Masquism is both a view of life and a way of life according to a new and true principle. It is that View of the World, which understands it to be God’s Impersonation each one of us to be an impersonational role that He is playing, and asks us to live our lives, mindful of this understanding and cooperative with His purpose.

Masquism furnishes the bases for a new self-awareness by man of himself/herself, which seems consonant with Nature’s designs for the evolution of human consciousness. The principle of Masquism exposes the constitution of the universe, and man’s place in it in such a way that Love of God and love of neighbor in a historical context, follow as a natural consequence. Thus it fulfills the demand of Nature’s Evolution of consciousness by requiring of man/human beings a new, and heightened, self awareness from which a new relationship to God, and a new relationship to the world and neighbor, follow as a natural consequence.

Masquism is concerned with both individual Perfection and collective welfare. Love of all and love of each is its motto. It insists upon the motivation of Love of God/Whole, and love of individual/part. That emphasis is to correct any possible error in the exercise of the individual who is only the lover of part, and not to discourage it. All loyalties, whether to one’s country, or culture, or deity, or family, or ancestors are permissible and worthy, but they should be reconciled with the Love of God and Love of All.

Masquism perceives the possibility of a parallel, dual life for the individual, mystical and masqual. It is a growing philosophy, infinitely developable. The Re (pronounced as ray) meaning the apparent self, acting in closer and closer kinship with RA, meaning the Substratum or Original Self, at ‘will’ able to be one with Him, and at ‘will’ to become entranced, the partnership now being lifted to the next stage of Union. This enables us to visualize Aurobindo’s Super Mind descent etc, as Masqually feasible and to benefit by his findings.

Masquism neither emphasizes the outer life or the inner life but it demands a revision of one’s attitude first according to the New View of Life, and the consequent new attitude to life and its problems. Therefore it allows its acceptors to freely examine the ideas of various schools of mysticism or several schools of the Vedanta and engage in such works of inner culture as one may see fit to choose.

Masquism seeks to provide mankind with a common purpose, which is acceptable to the soul, heart, and intellect, though not perhaps to the mind, is subordinating one’s life to which one will fulfill oneself. The interpretation of furthering the common purpose is left to the individual, but it is hoped that the high satisfaction provided by the new self-regarding conception or SRC as factor-rader or mask-rader, would impel one to be sincere to it.

Masquism gives a meaning to life. It is the grammar of (right) living. It tells how life has to be lived in the phenomenal world, for the realization of Noumenon. It ensures fundamental equality and functional differences. It gives a proud and dignified incentive for a democratic ethics. It presents democratism as a sweet duty.

Masquism is not an invented, fictitious theory to achieve good results. It is the Truth. I am not only propounding Masquism as merely a Truth for its own sake, but I am also propounding it as a means for changing the world for the better in a very fundamental way. My only reason for presenting this philosophy is to unify the human race, and to change people into loving, kind, gentlemen and women. Human beings now are self-cantered. The times require that human beings become world-centered.

Masquism is meant to furnish an inducement to human beings to change from being egocentric persons to Geo-centric persons. Even those who do not believe in God can adopt Masquism.

Masquism is a workable plan for the unity and welfare of the human race, which at the same time is also a way of life for the individual Perfection or Salvation.

Masquism is a way of reordering or overhauling one’s life according to a new and true principle. Just as if a fat man (human being) adopts a system of physical culture it might remove fat and unwanted matters from him and restore muscles, blood and fitness, so Masquism removes those things from the acceptor which are unhealthy and increases him in ways, which are true and worthwhile.

Note: The Message of Masquism has two versions to it: People can choose according to their temperament. The second version bears an Indian Name “Isvara Putra Isvara Lila Siddhanta” , meaning Offspring of God and the Divine Sport or Play of God.


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