Remaji in 1960




Sadguru Swami Vaidyanathan (1913-1990) was an awakened extraordinary individual of modern age; a rare combination: master of music, science, and philosophy. True to the wisdom of the Upanisads, he was awakened by the sheer questioning of the meaning of the word ‘young’. He pondered,“What is young?”He looked at the photo of his childhood in his mind and then looked at his present body and questioned, “Who is me, this or that?” His deep deliberation took his mind backwards in time and at one point he went beyond where there was no sun, or moon. This happened when he was 23 years old, studying The Atom under Lord Rutherford in Cambridge, England. Later, overpowered by compassion at seeing the world’s suffering, he dedicated his life to assuage the suffering of people and unite humanity. He found a solution and called his thesis, Masquism. He lived his message, without compromising to human egoism, even in trying situations. He lived as a walking messenger of God. He loved humanity as a father would love his family, leaving his message as his offering and contribution to Human Welfare and Unity.



Remaji in 1988






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