IP-IL Philosophy

Isvara Putra Isvara Lila Siddhanta is that View of Life where individual is Isvara Putra meaning an Offspring of God, and the life one lives is Isvara Lila meaning the play of God. It is a presentation of Higher Wisdom with regard to the human soul. It is not based on any book or person.

The foundation of this exposition is “We all are heavenly beings subject to delusion that we are earthly persons.” From this truth the entire teaching arises. It teaches how heavenly beings can free them selves from the delusion that they are earthly persons and re-experience their heavenly estate. We live our lives somehow from birth to death. We live for pleasure or money or for fame and name. The Isvara Putra Isvara Lila Siddhanta states, how the lives of human beings should be lived so that one will realize one’s true identity.

Usually the scriptures of the world tell us that what will make us happy is not so much succeeding in the world but becoming freed from attachment to the world.  But life has to be lived. So, I teach how to live in the world by which you will free yourself from attachment to the world.

The IP-IL Philosophy functions in a way as a spokesman for all religions. It serves as a key to the understanding of that perennial wisdom which is basic to the various religions of India and also other countries of the world. It is the truth that had been revealed to me. I have given truth in a systematic exposition and also have explained each concept in various ways with stories and illustrations. It is short and precise and therefore I think it is easy to grasp and remember. I think it will meet the needs of the present generation, conditioned by the scientific and pragmatic values of the west. It focuses on the essentials and thereby prevents the mind from distraction. It gives simple and broad guidelines to the practitioners.




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