Dear Reader,

God is working out two purposes through you: for your self-realization and for the regeneration and transformation of human society, so far without your conscious cooperation. Now He invites your conscious and intelligent cooperation. I am delivering that invitation to you all. Become a good offspring of God today, not tomorrow and start playing your part Pro-God in the coming to be of a New Culture, where ‘God’s Will’ will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

In the very understanding and acknowledgment of our dual relationship to God within and His world without and the very resolve to live consciously as His offspring and servant, we have taken a ‘just’ step and entered into the new life of conscious fellowship with God in the living of our lives. The loving Father will be please by this very acknowledgement and resolve, and will guide and strengthen us in our endeavor to live for Him.

By subscribing to the four truths that have been stated in the Manifesto you have become a fruitful limbs of the Tree of which God is the seed. You are a member of ISVARA PUTRA SAMAJ, an Association of Conscious Offspring of God. The membership in the Association/Samaj is open to all of those who are interested in the above mentioned View of Life, Goal of Life and Way of Life and subscribe to the four truths:

I am an Offspring of God/Isvara Putra

My life is a Play of God/Isvara Lila

My Goal is a non dual At-one-ment with God/Isvara Sayujya.

My practice is to be Aware of the Five Truths which is the Gnana Sadhana and live a Righteous Life with a Service Spirit to God, which is the Karma Sadhana.

On His Behalf, I invite your conscious and intelligent cooperation with God for the speedier accomplishment of His beneficent purposes for all of us, which firstly you can do by subscribing to the three pledges. They are my necessary expectation of you on God’s Behalf.



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